Tradexiam™ - a New Trading Technology

XNOFX has revolutionized its commodity trading capabilities with the introduction of Tradexiam™ platform. This advanced platform has enabled XNOFX to enhance the success and capacity of its commodity market offering, making it a standout player in the industry.

Tradexiam™ facilitates and ensures cost-efficiency to trade commodities and other digital assets. The platform also provides synergies that increase accessibility and reduces costs for international trading firms looking to connect and trade commodities. The new system also decreases latency for all trading participants.

Chu T. Liang, Director of Commodity Markets, Development, and Operations at XNOFX, said: “The XNOFX is delighted to announce our successful migration to the state-of-the-art and proven Tradexiam™ trading technology. This represents another milestone in our strategic partnership with our technology provider, one of the leading exchange infrastructure providers globally. The new technology provides enhanced value to Chinese market participants, enables us to further develop trading capabilities and capacity for our members in the years ahead, and positions us well in a time of significant change for exchanges across Asia and in advance of MiFID II implementation.”

Our ever-improving cash market technology will continue to support XNOFX. The decision to move to our Tradexiam™ trading technology is yet another reinforcement of our IT services and technology solutions' efficiency and dependability. Our constantly improving cash market technology and wide international network of market participants will continue to support XNOFX. This cutting-edge trading infrastructure is used by a number of other exchanges in Asia and around the world.


Improtradex™ Exchange

Ultra-Low Latency and Superior Functionality

Improtradex™ Exchange, a flagship model, provides execution venues with a highly extensible trading platform that can expand and evolve as fast as your business.

  • The platform is built according to a rule-based, distributed, and fault-tolerant technology, thus making it reliable, extensible and flexible to meet clients’ specific needs.
  • It can be set up to trade various products within any type of market.
  • Improtradex™ Exchange is created to deploy quickly, increasing time efficiency.
  • It allows fast and upfront implementation of business logic variations, by properly selecting the business rules, thus enabling cost efficiency.
  • It is user-friendly and comprehensive, resulting in less training and administration time.

Improtradex Live Operations for Institutional Traders

Technology Partnership for Real-Time Operations

Having the understanding and expertise in servicing capital market operations, Improtradex Live Operations can address your demand for total capital market solution operations with industry service standards.

Through an exclusive combination of business, application development, XNOFX infrastructure, and deployment expertise, you will receive:

  • Assurance that your application and its associated technology activities are carried out in compliance with global standards and are tailored to your unique requirements;
  • Convenience and confidence allowing you to concentrate on your business while we manage the operations;
  • Potential of market expansion by continuous service and system development;
  • Business and technical support helping you to serve clients through high-quality service;
  • IT Service Continuity Management designed to assist in maintaining business continuity;
  • A reasonable and flexible operating model with all necessary tools enabling cost efficiency;
  • Low total cost of ownership.


Client benefits:

  • Complete operation according to a common perspective;
  • Application knowledge transfer;
  • Specific operational experience;
  • Cost-effective delivery - hybrid delivery models;
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library service management;
  • Proficient infrastructure backup from Improtradex XNOFX.


Improtradex Market Data

Improtradex Market Data Offers Any Type of Information in No Time

Improtradex Market Data is a service that allows users to detect trading signals by processing and viewing direct and derived data. It was created to unify and effectively share broad data streams across asset classes. The product includes consolidated order books and reports, various order-book types, execution data, and instrument reference data, as well as a number of distribution and recovery solutions. Data is sent to only the persons and locations chosen by you and in the format you specify. The service involves:

  • Dynamic, user-defined basket calculations;
  • Evaluation and consolidation of statistics for presentation;
  • Feeding data directly to spreadsheets.

Improtradex Post Trade

Improtradex Post Trade relates to providing clearing, settlement, risk, and CSD solutions for the world’s markets. Based on Improtradex IT’s advanced ultra-low latency technology platform, Improtradex PostTrade™ represents a suite of appropriate functional modules.

We simply put together the appropriate modules and customize the solution to your particular specifications. The following are some of the benefits of Improtradex PostTrade™:

  • High availability without any point of failure;
  • Clearing processing in real-time;
  • Settlement processing and reporting;
  • Processing of Corporate Actions;
  • Cross Border Settlement;
  • Risk management;
  • Depository services;
  • Services for advanced collateral processing and bond financing;
  • Trade and external data management through STP;
  • User, account, and position modeling.


Improtradex SOR

The Order-Routing System of Choice for Today’s Markets

Improtradex SOR can manage any asset class, it may adopt several order-routing algorithms for various markets and asset classes at the same time, and incorporate pre-trade risk management strategies – all on the same network. Improtradex SOR is very fast and uniquely suitable for a wide range of procedures and user data presentation, and its revolutionary partition-driven architecture makes it uniquely scalable. It is based on proprietary BID technology that enables day-to-day market rule changes at points of implementation. Also, it is designed to process large order volumes at high speed.


Improtradex Surveillance

Market observers and regulators need more than ever effective and reliable monitoring instruments to track irregular trading behavior, as trading rates and volumes begin to rise in today's competitive markets.

Improtradex Surveillance provides valuable mechanisms for evaluating and documenting specific activities, as well as facilitating further investigation. It also has a high degree of adaptability, allowing fast compliance with regulatory changes. Improtradex Surveillance is your perspective on the market, and it's rule-based, modular, customizable, and adaptable to any trading network. Some of the benefits of Improtradex Surveillance are:

  • It conforms to rules and regulatory changes without any need for updates or programming;
  • Real-time and offline analysis features;
  • Seamless market review and efficient monitoring tools;
  • Capability to handle a wide range of cases.

The patent-pending Alert Investigation System from Improtradex improves the reliability of alert investigations by instantly recognizing the transactions and activities that lead to the alert. This helps get inquiries to a productive outcome faster, allowing consumers to take near-real-time disciplinary action and minimize the impact of market abuse.