Positive and Dynamic Environment

At XNOFX, individuals who possess expertise and aptitude have ample opportunities to guarantee progression in their careers.

  • We associate our commitment towards our responsibilities with a dedication to meeting our clients’ needs.
  • We support diversity and involvement because we acknowledge that having multiple viewpoints is challenging the common insight, inspires innovative thinking, and enhances professional relationships.
  • We highly value cooperation as we consider that multiple perspectives result in better decisions.


Possibilities to Ensure Career Growth

There are various career paths for experienced and early career professionals, as well as employment opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students. Candidates can get involved in research, trading regulatory management, marketing, technology, and other disciplines.


Working at XNOFX

We are committed to supporting you in cultivating a fulfilling career, one that is assisted through continuous learning and competitive advantages, where you are surrounded by talented people having a strong business culture. We have a friendly and diversified workplace, as well as the ability to create a difference by adding value. You will have the chance to work with smart, progressive people who will drive you to anticipate clients' needs and offer solutions, and develop our proprietary systems and platforms as part of an inclusive culture.


Build a Successful Career

You will have a direct and significant impact on XNOFX's clients and their audience. You will be part of a team that supports a wide range of clients, including pension funds, retirement plans, foundations, and endowments, thus commonly contributing to business growth. We are proud and honored to be entrusted with this task on behalf of our clients, and each of us contributes to joint efforts.


Be Part of a Collaborative Culture

At XNOFX, we give you the possibility to continuously learn and develop your skills. You will be assisted and motivated by dedicated specialists that have the sense of working together in order to ensure both personal and professional improvement. Professional development seminars and online learning courses, such as management, leadership, and technical skills training, will be promoted in order to create the necessary conditions for reaching higher levels.


Get Rewarded for Your Achievements

Attracting and maintaining the best talent involves competitively rewarding our most valuable assets - our people. Our compensation philosophy depends on performance and merits. Your contribution, impact, and achievements will determine your compensation. Because of XNOFX's private partnership arrangement, we may take a long-term, strategic approach to compensation and career growth.


Enjoy Robust Benefits

Our strong benefits are created to match our employees’ and their families' long-term needs. We provide a rational collection of benefits across all locations while maintaining local market competition.

  • We secure a range of health services in addition to robust and competitive insurance coverage for you and your dependents.
  • We seek to make your financial future more stable by assisting you in reaching your retirement goals and providing life and other insurance policies.
  • We offer a range of programs designed to support you and your loved ones through different life circumstances.
  • We value continuing education as part of your professional growth, thus we support various educational programs.


If you are knowledgeable and full of aspirations and you believe in your potential — we are looking forward to meeting you.